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Techie Trainers and Consulting Services PVT.LTD

About us:

Techie Trainers is a 21st century, digital, agile, Project Management techniques to understand complicated business problems. Beginner's Mind and minimalism is always at the forefront of our thinking and our practice.


Agile methods are at the core of our practice. For us, agile means a disciplined use of methods like Scrum and Lean to achieve goals quickly, collaboratively, with minimal waste, and with high repeatability. As a result, we learn faster, deliver better, and continuously improve our practice. As such, no one at Techie Trainers is ever happy with just 'good' – it has to be 'better'.


We love working side-by-side with our clients. This helps us to build a love for our customers' needs, create empathy, and generate insights. This also means we work in multi-disciplinary teams – two or more heads and perspectives are better than one.


When a team hums along, when time just passes by quickly without you realising it, you've got flow and a high performing team. This comes from embracing sustainability, planning work so that it flows better, and most importantly not overloading our teams.


We're only as good as our last engagement. The focal point of simplicity, aglity, collaboration and sustainability is nothing if we don't deliver a high-value outcome for our clients. This is what Techie Trainers always strives to deliver

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