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T.E.A.M. Elam

T.E.A.M. Elam was founded in June 2008 as the brain child of NFL Safety and Riviera Beach native Abram Elam. The organization was formed to help combat violence and negative influences around our youth. The goal of the organization is to equip young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in life. Simultaneously, T.E.A.M. Elam stresses the importance of environmental awareness in everyone through education.

In the first year of the organization, T.E.A.M. Elam succeeded in hosting “A Day in the Park” where 2,500 children and adults were able to experience a fun- filled day of food, giveaways, live music and activities for all ages. It also included resources to motivate and educate the community about the importance of collaboration, family involvement, and pride. To date the event has grown to over 3,000 people and has become a highly anticpated event for the Riviera Beach community.

In addition, the organization has annually enabled 25-50 underprivileged youth from the Riviera Beach area, to partake in an NFL game each year. The outing allows the kids to experience the game as well as visit the team locker room to meet the players afterwards. During the interaction, players stress the importance of doing the “right” thing.

Another annual event Abe provides for the youth is the T.E.A.M. Elam Back to School Experience. The back to school program allows selected children to enjoy a great back to school shopping experience, yet at the same time learn some of the fundamentals of budgeting. Participants have to fill out a budget sheet to help determine what they are spending and how to stretch their dollar further.

Using various methods and activities, T.E.A.M. Elam introduces young people to an array of positive influences, with the goal of leaving a lasting impression on a child’s life.


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