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TaVona Denise Boggs, PT

My superpower is helping service providers find their zone of genius and freedom formula so they can charge more without working more and actually start to live the life they created the business for.


Here’s what I discovered in working with all kinds of service providers:

If you are not consistently earning an income that serves your personal goals, serving clients you love to work with on projects you love, one or more of the elements in your freedom formula is wrong or missing all together.


What is a Freedom Formula?


Business is not a one-size-fits-all situation.  Your Freedom Formula is YOUR perfect blend of business model, pricing, marketing, approach to sales and business systems, all working together to help you achieve the life you dreamed about.

If you are ready to see how close you are or what it will take to create a business that is not only efficient, but provides the ultimate client experience and provides the elusive work-life balance, let's talk.

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