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Tasheena Medina & Jenny Nwene

Our mission is to foster a unique environment where talented minds from the visual and performing arts can share passions, present work, spark ideas, network and organize into dynamic clusters of collaborative innovation that help transform the chaos of contemporary life into new forms and outlets of creativity.

How ClusterFu came to be:

After working as a body paint model for artist Julie Hassett at a couple of art shows, Tasheena Medina was inspired to create an event of her own. Bringing her good friend Hassan Christopher into the mix, the two settled down to lunch and laughs one day and began to throw around their ideas and inspirations. Tasheena shared her vision of having the Downtown Los Angeles skyline painted onto dancers, wondering what it would be like to throw dancers into the mix of having an art show. She then turned to Hassan and asked “How cool would it be to attend an event with a clusterfuck of art?” And thus, ClusterFu was born.

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