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Tap Into Life (Solanus Casey Center's Young Adult Ministry)

Tap Into Life is a Capuchin Franciscan young adult ministry through the Solanus Casey Center. We invite young adults to enter into the richness of life and remember that we are never alone. When we search within our lives, we are able to see the blessings of God in the cross of Love. The letters in the Tap Into Life logo are designed to reflect the Franciscan Cross, the ‘Tau Cross,’ with its uniquely created font. The circle in the logo represents a lifesaver; it invites us go deeper and save each other by the way we live out our faith in our world today. The three knots on the lifesaver represent the Capuchin Franciscan values of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Although not all young adults take these vows, they are a reminder for us to be committed to the essence of these values in our own lives. From here, the spirituality of the Capuchin Franciscans flows out of this ministry as Blessed Father Solanus Casey invites young adults to live out an attitude of gratitude and “Thank God Ahead Of Time”.

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