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Tampa Treks and Tonic

We’re so excited to offer the fine city of Tampa a variety of great walking tours and pub crawls! We offer the, in my opinion, super-cool “Florida Man” walking tour and pub crawl, which features our favorite tour guide, Bryce Everglade! He has appointed himself as Tampa’s Top Florida Man, and has the pedigree to prove it. He worked his way up from the simple alligator play that you have grown to know and love in such headlines as, “Florida Man Seeks Divorce From Alligator,” to the highest levels of misguided intentions that have earned him national admiration! Who could ever forget, “Florida Man Steals Own Car?” And he loves to share his love for the history of Tampa as well. For example, did you know that many streets in Tampa are named after real people? Bryce knows that, and he’ll tell you about some of them. And much more! He’ll tell you ALL his favorite stories from this fine city’s past.
We also offer the wonderfully vintage, Roaring 20’s tour, where you can experience life as it was in the most famous decade of all. We visit Tampa’s most significant sights from the 20’s learn about this boom and bust time in Florida, talk about significant national events that have shaped our world to today, and we’ll even tach you the Charleston and take you to the coolest cocktail lounges. It’s...the bees knees. (Yeah, we had to say it.)

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