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Tami Von Merta

Tami possesses a masters degree in education and has been teaching mosaic classes since 2000. Tami learned mosaics from Mexico locals when having her second home built in Mexico. In her classes, you will learn abstract mosaics using construction materials such as sanded grouts, quick set mortars, tile sealers, etc. She has taught classes at the Jacobs Center, the Kroc Center and the House of Blues as well as many art studios in San Diego County. Tami teaches full time in-person classes at her Vista and Riverside Studios as well as online Zoom classes. See Website With Full List of Classes and Works ~

Tami inspired and volunteered with the largest free standing mosaic mural in the Pacific Northwest (the Centennial Celebration Mural) that stretches 96 feet long and stands more than 15 feet high on a stepped retaining wall at the Toledo City Hall parking lot in Oregon.