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Synergy Defense & Fitness

Synergy was founded by David Crowson and Katherine Vincent to provide vital training to members of the community to help them learn how to protect themselves. David and Katherine are dedicated to improving lives through teaching people crucial self-defense techniques and self-awareness and through helping them achieve better personal fitness.


Training in martial arts from the time he was six, David has over twenty years of incredibly diversified martial arts training that brings a unique perspective to his students. Beginning his martial arts training with Tae Kwon Do (second degree black belt) then moving on to Goju-ryu Karate (first degree black belt) and Japanese Jiu Jitsu (first degree black belt), he has in recent years focused his training strictly on self-defense systems. For the last several years, David has trained in Kali (9 years), Krav Maga (6 years), and Defence Lab (3 years).


While studying at the University of Oklahoma, Katherine worked as a Rape Awareness Intern at the OU Women’s Outreach Center. Since that time, she has held a passion for teaching and helping women learn to protect themselves. For the past ten years, she has done in-depth, self-guided study of criminology and violence, to obtain knowledge she shares regularly with students and seminar attendees. In 2014, she began self-defense training in Krav Maga in Plano, TX and has been fortunate enough to attend training with Eyal Yanilov (KMG Founder) and Jon Bullock (KMG International Team Instructor) as well as Andy Norman (Defence Lab Founder) and Grek Fenollosa (Defence Lab Ambassador).


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