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Sweet Peas Urban Gardens in collaboration with The Well Fed Garden

Sweet Peas Urban Gardens is an urban farm at the forefront of innovative climate resilient modes of vertical indoor agriculture. We produce organic microgreens, baby leafy greens, edible flowers and mushrooms in compact urban and peri-urban indoor spaces. Owned and operated by women and minorities, the Business recognizes that accelerating forces of climate change and environmental costs of industrial farming have diminished the extent and productivity of arable land, and pose unprecedented environmental, economic and health risks. Globalization and delocalization of existing food supply chains are unable to adequately respond to concerns about the net carbon footprint, diminishing nutrition, and health safety concerns of industrially produced food. The social, environmental and economic costs of industrial farming are borne by taxpayers and consumers, making existing food systems unsustainable. Increasing public awareness of these problems has dramatically increased demand for foods produced and distributed by alternative food systems. Sweet Peas is proud to partner with the Well Fed Community Garden in 2020 in an effort to continue the mission of growing organic fruites and vegetables for our neighbors and the Raleigh community at large.