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Page Content - Startup Tea Talk for stories of Silicon Valley

Startup Tea Talk is a series of event hosting every month with a group of communities, including SVTea - Silicon Valley Startup StorySVEntrepreneurs (29,000 members), SVTeahouse, together with couple other partnering organizations with an reaching out of 100K founders & investors directly in Silicon  Valley SF bay area, plus a lot more online.. Follow the host David Cao on linkedin:

Watch the recent videos on youtube:

Including interviews to speakers include: 

Paul Holland, General Partner, Foundation Capital
Josh Elman, Partner, Greylock 
Louay Eldada, CEO and Co-founder, Quanergy (1.5billion startup) 

William Santana Li, Chairman and CEO, Knightscope, Inc. (100M startup)
Adam Draper, Funding Partner Boost VC
Duncan Davidson, Managing Partner, Bullpen Capital
Peter Herbet Lux Capital Cofounder
Adam Goldberg, Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners 
Sam Santhosh, Founder and CEO, Medgenome Labs 
Doug Renert, Co-founder and Partner, Tandem Capital

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