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 Botanical based offerings created from organic, vegan + fair trade ingredients in Buffalo, Ny. Floral alchemist Nicole Vescio has dedicated herself to the power of plant medicine in varying & evolving forms. Svanur offers small batch body care, ritual baths, urban grown organic flowers and herbs (seasonally), sacred gatherings and meditative workshops honoring the earth's greatest gifts.

Svanur reflects a deep dedication to radical presence. Embracing the constant flow of death and rebirth within our human experience which is mirrored so brillianty amongst nature. Messages speak all around us if we allow ourselves to be here, listening.

Translating the deep resonating whispers to my hands, transmutations of flora medicines from my soul, intuitively guided & always evolving. My desire is to draw people to mindfulness, honest and raw connection to our every day motions rippling out peace many generations forward. 



Workshops include:

DIY Facial Steam

DIY Ritual Bath

DIY Face + Body Scrub

Floral Hydrosol Production

Botanical Printing: Honoring plants in new ways


Moon Gathering


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