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About SunnyKarma

SunnyKarma is a new social fundraising platform where anyone can auction off or bid and win cool experiences and help a good cause.

As a Bidder, with SunnyKarma you:

-       Receive real value of a unique experience for the money you donate to worthwhile causes

-       Win a unique experience that is not be available anywhere else

-       Obtain great experiences, products or services at a fraction of their real cost  

As a Donor, with SunnyKarma you: 

-       Support a cause you believe in without having to donate your own money

-       Share your passions, skills, expertise, hobbies and activities with others

-       Promote your business, your products, and your brand

-       Establish great relationships with people interested in the same cause or experiences that you offer

Types of Experiences

The experiences can be anything that will benefit others - mentorship sessions, works of art, food dishes, flying/driving tours, items, tickets to coveted shows, various lessons such as language, photography, tennis, etc. – use your imagination – its limitless!

Each one of us has something to share with the world. Share what you know and love!

-       Anyone has an expertise, skill, passion or a hobby they can share with others: tennis/yoga lesson, photography lesson, language lesson, guitar lesson, etc.

-       Meeting at a café to talk about travel, art, movies, technology, fashion, anything you are passionate about.

-       If you are Venture Capitalist, C-level executive, or a successful entrepreneur you can offer an hour or two of your time to consult others interested in joining the Silicon Valley entrepreneur world or needing guidance in their business.

-       If you have professional expertise in any field, offer it: any professional or legal advice, chiropractic/massage session, music lesson

-       As an artist you can donate your finished work, create a unique work of art for the winning bidder, or provide a lesson or guidance to aspiring artists.

-       As a business you offer your services - a meal, a cooking lesson, a coffee, adventure activities, tickets to movies, concerts, bowling, arcades, etc.

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