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Sugar Hill Spine & Wellness

At Sugar Hill Spine & Wellness we pride ourselves on being an integrative health and wellness center. We are unique in the sense that we take a very well-rounded approach to getting you back to 100% health. Our philosophy is important to us and is what makes a separate and distinct from that of "modern medicine". We believe that your body was not made with too many organs that need to be removed when they aren't working right or not enough drugs that need to be pumped into us every time a symptom arises. We know that God created you to be a self-healing organism that contains every drug needed to keep you alive and enable a full expression of health.

Chiropractic is the art of an adjustment that removes the interference of misaligned vertebra that choke the nervous system, keeping it from properly communicating with the rest of the body. This misalignment it's called a Subluxation. A subluxation is to the body, what a dimmer switch is to a lightbulb... Given a small amount of pressure electricity, or the communication between the switch in the lightbulb is slowly interfered with causing the light too dim. Remembering that only the weight of a dime on a nerve decreases the nerves function by up to 60%. Our goal is to educate and it just people toward a healthier future, no matter their age. Every infant child and adult that we can keep from getting vaccinated, taking unnecessary drugs and getting barbaric surgeries, is it brighter future for them, their loved ones and anyone who's path crosses there's for the rest of OUR lives!

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