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Structured Chiropractic: The Wellness Way Pittsburgh

Dr. Jacque got into the field of chiropractic through a near death experience after being jumped in downtown Pittsburgh.  After the blow was landed, Dr. Jacque was taken off to Mercy hospital where the doctors diagnosed him with a Subdural Hematoma, A bruise to the spinal cord, as well as a hypersensitivity reaction causing pins and needle pain to take over the surface of his skin down his arms and hands, back and chest.  After he was released 3 days later from intensive care, they told him that the brain damage may get worse and if he had trouble taking tests of continuing headaches that the issue may be worse than they thought.  Once he regained his strength he got back on his feet as was able to get to a chiropractor who was able to adjust the cervical spine to allow for the function of the nerves to regenerate back to normal.  After the symptoms went away, Dr. Jacque went to chiropractic school and the symptoms came flooding back, this is where he learned about corrective care chiropractic and the ability to use chiropractic as a form of healing, and not a form of just treating symptoms.  His curve was back to where it needed to be and he was able to go back to his 100% god given potential again. 

 In his endeavors through chiropractic school and through 4 years of service in one of the largest chiropractic clinics in the country, he met  Dr. Patrick Flynn who was able to take a look at his blood work and found some underlying problems that symptoms had not expressed yet.  His testosterone levels were around 90, cholesterol was bottomed out, and his growth hormone was plummeted as well.  From being a football player, and a bodybuilding, he did not understand how that was possible!  But after a few months of treatment with the Wellness Way approach, his levels went up drastically and he began to know what normal truly felt like.  Now he resides in Oakmont, PA to be able to teach people that there is more out there for them if they incorporate true healthy living principles into their life.

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