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Straight Talk Wealth Radio

NOT another "get rich quick" show. With 10.000 Baby Boomers turning age 65 every day in America, that’s not what’s needed! We are news and opinion about how to survive the next economic decade in America. Since 2008, has the government made it all better now by going into debt a further $3 trillion? - - Or are we in one big Stimulus Bubble with the other shoe about to drop? But outside of only market risk, Boomers face a slate of challenges unique to retiring in the 2020’s. Healthcare is the most rapidly inflating expense in our economy; We’re living longer but the average Boomer will incur hundreds of thousands of dollars of expense in Long Term Care needs at the end of life; Abysmally low interest rates make it impossible for Boomers to live on interest, forcing a retired generation to perpetually stay at risk in the stock market; with the National Debt continuing to skyrocket there will be tremendous pressure to raise tax rates on all the fully taxable IRAs and 401K’s that Boomers will be living out of.
We will continue to bring you the solutions to each of these risks, (not ONE solution - that’s a sales pitch!), and speak to the experts about the future.
Thank you for stopping by Straight Talk Wealth Radio Online!

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