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Straight Black Pride Movement (SBPM)

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Straight Black Pride Movement is to create a platform for international Black (Afrikan) unity that is broad enough to attract the masses of sane Black people while simultaneously attacking the primary instruments of white global genocide against Afrikan people in the 21st Century.


This movement is designed to help Afrikan people worldwide avoid genocide in the 21st Century by:

  • Promoting the Black Family Structure (Man, Woman, Child)
  • Promoting Afrikan Dignity, Productivity, & Excellence
  • Promoting Black Business & Industry
  • Promoting Functional, Global, Working Black Unity
  • Countering the white-sex, Integration, & Black Degeneracy Agendas


Our list of activities will be broad and diverse and depend primarily on the particular needs/abilities of each local chapter. Some of them will include:

  1. Parades, Festivals, Parties Catering to Black Families, Other Events
  2. Economic Cooperatives and Fundraisers
  3. Drill Team, Cooking, Fighting, Fishing, and Other Fun Competitions
  4. Debates on Global Issues Concerning Afrikan Survival
  5. Alternative Afrikan Learning Institutional Services (lectures, schools, etc. . .)
  6. Garden Creations Chapter-wide (every chapter must have a garden)
  7. Purchasing Land and Building Afrikancentered Communities

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