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StoryU Arts (a division of The BizGym Foundation)

About BizGym Foundation:

The BizGym Foundation, founded in 2013, is a 501c3 non-profit organization that seeks to empower entrepreneurs with the tools and inspiration to build a strong and sustainable future. BizGym Foundation programs include Lemonade Alley, a kids business and financial literacy competition, and Camp BizGym, a kids entrepreneur education program. The BizGym Foundation is the 2014 recipiant of the BBB Torch Award for best non profit in Hawaii. For more information,

About StoryU Arts:

StoryU Art is a division of the BBB Torch Award winning non-profit organization BizGym Foundation that focuses on applying performance skills to business. Specializing in storytelling, workshops, corporate training and much more.

Guiding business folks to being creative and helping creative folks get down to business!

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