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What is StoryAID?

StoryAID is a social enterprise utilising therapeutic storytelling to enhance the recovery & rehabilitation of patients. StoryAID is also concerned with supporting the whole person, focussing our activities to promote self-care and the emotional education of healthcare students and professionals. whole person.

StoryAID has 30 years expertise in developing and implementing co-created projects and programmes with various private, public and 3rd sector agencies and institutions.


"The future of Global Healthcare in the 22nd Century will include the use of therapeutic storytelling, narrative healing, music therapy and the promotion of the social prescription."  Eli Anderson (ARtS 2015)

Our Approach

We believe that every person is a member of a distinct global community. This community has a unique language, culture, heritage and belief. Our approach is based upon co-creating holistic opportunities to create long-term sustainable change. This will reveal their own stories  that will identify appropriate support, to build powerful cooperative healing relationships. StoryAid will ensure that we treat each being as a unique, powerful and creative individual.

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