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Our mission is simple-Educate, Provide Awareness, and Fund Researchers who are committed to finding a cure.

StopCAIDnow is focused on providing tools to better educate Doctor’s and the community on AutoInflammatory diseases. There is a need for an understanding of these diseases so proper diagnosis can be made, and treatment can be started. This will help alleviate the inflammation process, and the pain that comes with it. The need for proper diagnosis is urgent for the prognosis of these diseases. If left untreated damage to the tissues, organs and vision(for some) will not only be irreversible, but devastating.

The foundation is working amongst top Doctor’s and Pathologist who are researching better ways to treat, educate, and finding a cure for CAID. The foundation is accepting proposals from such Doctor’s and will fund their project. The foundation will provide a letter to those who fund the project explaining how the money is being used. The ones who help fund are a part of making the projects possible. The foundation not only recognizes this support, but is grateful. All supporters will be listed on the website, and at the Gala.

Awareness through media, functions and conferences is also part of our mission.

It is the Doctors, and pathologist..who are doing the work. The goal for StopCAIDnow is to help them spread global awareness, and fund their efforts in helping find a cure for these painful and debilitating diseases. StopCAIDnow is proud to be launching the first CME on CAIDology that will help educate many physicians and those in the medical field throughout the US and in Europe.

StopCaidnow is the voice for the children suffering, and the Doctor’s who are dedicated to helping the cause.  

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