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Stonyman Gourmet Farmer

Susan James's family has farmed in Virginia since 1725. She operates Stonyman Gourmet Farmer at her family's Stonyman Farm and its early Mercantile and garden at "Little" Washington in the shadow of Virginia's legendary Blue Ridge. Focused on providing fine, farm-to-table foods, Susan and husband Alan lived in France for over twenty-five years and bring knowledge of fine cuisine and farmstead products acquired there to Stonyman Gourmet Farmer's premium farmstead cheeses, custom meats and elegantly rustic prepared foods.

GPS navigation follows a direct route that includes developed areas. The itinerary in the link provides a lovely route through scenic country unencumbered by traffic and traffic lights. 

Charcuterie Renaissance

In 2011, over 300 bloggers worldwide joined Charcutepalooza,  a year long program to rediscover the time-honored art of charcuterie, sweeping it onto the PhotobucketWeb and taking it global.  Co-creators? Cathy Barrow & Kim Foster. Bloggers respond to increasingly difficult monthly challenges with original recipes, photographs and great stories about their adventures.   Participants are eligible to win a trip to France and the Kitchen-at-Camont. Stonyman Gourmet Farmer provides meats for challenge posts and has special offers for Charcutepalooza members. More information at

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