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Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, The Netherlands

We are humanist non profit organization dedicated to research, technology innovation, education, consultancy and entrepreneurship.

Our novel know how, technology innovation, entrepreneurship and organizational models, are legacy of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken scientific research, body of work. As a non profit organization we commit to continue the research started by him, develop new applications, promote and protect the core knowledge achieved since 1993.

Our Know How is:

Holistic, Synergetic, Systemic.
Futurist, Humanist, Visionary.
Multidisciplinary, Nature Inspired.
Bridge between ancient nature inspired knowledge and civilizations and innovation in modern culture.

Our Divisions:

The Matrix-Q Research Institute
Holistic Strategic Management Consultancy
Matrix-Q 9 [Matrix Quotient 9] Solutions

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