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Steve's Guitars

Steve’s Guitars opened for business in Carbondale back in 1993. Since then, our intimate, music-listening room has hosted over 1000 shows and presented hundreds of talented musicians coming from all over the states and foreign lands.

Our mission is to promote good live music in a room where the top priority is the music. We are not a bar, restaurant or non-profit with other agendas. We just wanted to provide the best possible place for musicians to display their songs. And, we have done so for many years. We hope to continue doing so into the distant future.

It’s a great place to play and listen to live music and is ideal for both performers and the audience.

One of the side benefits of providing live music every week is our interaction with the local community. People of all ages are welcome and it’s great to have senior citizens mix with babies in the audience.

You can bring in your own beverage of choice and enjoy it in a non-smoking, house-concert type setting. We have never needed a bouncer yet and it’s like throwing a good party with your friends and neighbors, every week.