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Steven is an Intuitive who communicates with spirits. His life’s purpose is to show the world that we are all spiritual beings equipped to learn that we are not alone, that death is not the final word. He reconnects the living with their lineage via the spirits of their loved ones who have passed.

Spiritually aware as a young child, Steven has refined this ability throughout his life. He spent decades trying to prove that it didn’t exist, only to come to the evidence-based conclusion that it does. This work allowed him to circumnavigate the globe and interact with many cultures, learning their belief systems and customs.

Steven also speaks Swahili, French, Spanish, and German, with working knowledge of Chinese, Italian, Farsi and Turkish. Furthermore, he has a medical background, specifically in analyzing brain function during sleep, and has worked with soldiers and their immediate families to address cases of post-traumatic stress disorder concerning separation and death post-deployment.

This unique combination of his travels, research, and his developed ability to feel, hear and see spirits allows him to analyze each experience at any given location, and translate that knowledge to people from all walks of life, making him the ideal tour guide to the afterlife.  His interests outside the spirit world include cooking, and restoring classic cars and homes.

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