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Hey peeps!
I am looking to raise money to do Human Stem Cell Therapy - HSCT in Russia and stop the progression of my Primary Progressive MS (currently NO treatment!)

While I am Soooo grateful for people around the world who wish to just donate which is already happening as an event manager my hope will be to offer something back in entertainment if you happen to be caught in the headlights of the trail I will be blazing through Brasil, Spain and Ireland throughout the rest of 2016 and all 2017 and I look forward to seeing y'all for some fun!!

As if I needed an excuse, but have a good one now unfortunately to get to Russia and stop this damned disease!!!!

The HSCT procedure is pretty amazing and most easily framed in this slightly dramatic but great 25 min Australian Documentary

I will have the exact same Doctor Federenko and be in the same hospital. I have 3 Irish friends who will precede me in 2016/17 but unfortunately (for me!) there is such a waiting list that my appointment is not until January 2018 unless cancellations move me up the list. (fingers crossed!!)

My current status: I have ever decreasing walking range, about 1.5km. I have acquired a mobility scooter (ironically to get to the gym and physio, a scooter cape for the Irish weather, can go nowhere without my stick thankfully no real cognitive I am my same old mental fecker but it may and should apparently decline... I just want to stop this
I just want to stop this 'progress' before it causes permanent damage!

I hope these events promoted through this page can complement my GoFundMe campaign and help chip away at my goal.

And of course have some fun in the process!!

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