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Stephanos Anton Ballmerfeld

Steve Ballmer
Washington state,
United States

Owner and Chief-Inspirer of the LA Clippers.
Quasi-retired CEO and general Manager at the worlds most powerful and pervasive company.
A mover and shaker with world changing influence and charisma.
Don’t freaking cross me!
Microsoft wants to “get the appropriate economic return for our shareholders from our innovation,”
A few of my more memorable quotes:
“I think it would be absolutely reckless and irresponsible for anyone to try and break up Microsoft.”
“There’s no substitute for innovation, of course, but innovation is no substitute for being in touch, either.”
“What we’ve gone through in the last several years has caused some people to question ‘Can we trust Microsoft?”
“I like to tell people that all of our products and business will go through three phases. There’s vision, patience, and execution.”
“Google is an illusion”
“I don’t know what a monopoly is until somebody tells me.”
“We don’t have a monopoly. We have market share. There’s a difference.”
“That whole monkey-boy dance thing never happened, that wasn’t me, I was in Hardeeville that day”
“I never threw a chair, uh, all of the chairs in my office are bolted down, so there!”

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