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Step It Up A Notch Event Planning And Entertainment

Step It Up A Notch Event Planning and Entertainment
Founder and CEO
Introducing Sharlita Jordan
Title she hold
Wedding/Event Consultant
Event Marketing Management
ABC Fundraiser Distributor
Direct Sales Coach
Speaker on the subject of Domestic Violence
Mrs. Sharlita Jordan

Now Booking...2012- 2014 Weddings, Events, Galas, Fundraisers, Expos, Conferences, Birthdays, Networking Events & More. Conducting Events in  North Carolina & Nationwide * For Speaking Engagements Call : 910-446-4189 or email

Where & How It All Began:
The vision of entrepreneurship began when she was a little girl who played with barbie doll until she was 16.  She planned Barbie and Ken wedding, birthday parties and beach parties. Her imagination took her a long way. She was the Event planner, The Caterer using her mother good China and her easy bake over, the photographer using dad camera, the DJ playing what ever was on the radio. She was so organizes that that she place mother good china and dad camera back in place. Mom never knew that her good china had been used. Dad always wonder where  did he leave his film.  Growing up as a child  she would rehurse with her brother and sisters Christmas song. The day of Christmas they would throw apples and nuts down on the floor. She dress her brother as Santa Clause. She made halo out of hangers and gold Christmas tree trimming. She and her sister would transform themselves into beautiful Angels. Walk up to their parent door and began to sing Christmas carols. We will leave the rest up to your imagination. During her Senior year she help plan the school fashion show. After graduation she planned several of her friends weddings. Where ever she work she was planning events or helping to coordinate them.

As she continue her journey through life She work various job and continue her education at Fayetteville Technical Community College.Not scared to get her hands dirty or work long hours. Her senior year she attended school half a day. She work a full time job. After leaving work she work night helping her father run his night as a cook while planning the daily activity.
During her Journey she's  work at Wendy's, McDonald, Burger King, Arby's, The House of Reaford, Purdue Farms, Sara Lee, M J Soffee, Anvil, Cape Fear Valley Hospital, South Eastrean  Hospital, Heritage Suite, Whispering Pines, Having a full time job , working part job and squeezing school in. Where could she have gotten the energy from. Ask her and she will tell you "By the grace of God, her parents, her sister and wonderful family who were there to help and take great care of her children.

Yes Sharlita is the proud mother of two beautiful daughter Denise Rolle, Keisha Davis and a handsome grandson Ja'shawn Davis.
From 1992 Sharlita has worked in the field of nursing, taking care of the elderly and there needs. She began her journey as a Certified Nursing Assistant, moving up to Restorative Aide, Medication Technical Aide, Resident Care Coordinator to a Activity Director. That was find to discover her passion as an Event Planner.

Working as an Activity Director was more that a natural High for her. Planning the daily activities for the resident, employees and the facility outside events. Working on many project each month she juggle 3 calendar, 2 newsletters, 9 theme events , 2 resident council meeting, employee meeting along with the daily activity and  meeting with the Directors of the facility. Working closely with the resident and employees gave her a sure rush in the morning when she would wake up and knew it's was going to be a great day doing what she love.

Her day would began 4:30 am waking up to a fresh cup of coffee a bowl of oatmeal or grits. Taking a shower and putting on her fancy outfits and cute shoes. Arriving to class at 7:00 am- 9:00 am. Than she would arrive to work at 9:30 where the resident would wait for present to appear.

As an consultant with an eye for design, she find great joy in creating truly "Step It Up A notch Events" Whether she planning a simple backyard wedding or designing a corporate event sure to make Hollywood drool, not a single detail ever goes untouched.
She a professional consultant with many years in the industry. She love lending her talents to brides, corporations, private parties and the like. Through years of working in this environment, She has developed a quick mind to make on the spot decisions and a sharp eye for the final element that will set your event apart from any other.
If you are looking for a consultant to assist with anything from vendor/venue selection to catering,photographer, transportation to accommodations, itineraries for all parties involved to day-of-event management, then you have come to the right place. If you need these services as well as someone who can design a complete blank canvas in to a beautiful creation for your event down to the very last detail, then you’re in the right place too. The first step of creating your own Step It Up A Notch Event is one click away.

Her activity were consist of
Homemade Cookie
Blender Social
Chat & Nibble
Pet Pals
Arts & Crafts                                 Devotions
Bible Study                                   Ladies Tea
Ice Cream Social                        Birthday Celebration
Medical Notes                          
Wheel of Fortune
Bowling                                         Prayer Meeting
Wine & Cheese                        
Happy Hour
Round Table Discussion       
Meet & Greet
Welcome Social                         Communion Service

Trips to Department Stores, Restaurants and outside events and so much more.

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