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Startups Showcase Group

Welcome to Startups Showcase Group! 

We open doors to Silicon Valley & San Francisco Startups ecosystem.  This is one of the first Entrepreneur Groups that welcomes consumers.  Because at the end of the day, all new technology that is successful will find its way to the end user, we the people!


This ecosystem includes, Investors, Founders, Co-Founders, Entrepreneurs and Consumers that have an opportunity to be early adopters of the New Technology being launched MONTHLY!  All technology-market-types are included with the purpose of educating, investors, co-founders, end users, dealers and consumers about the features of new technology services and products.


Members will see and demo all types of new and exciting technology services and products that include: All Apps | Mobile Apps | Web Apps | Cloud Computing | Big-Data | Solar Energy | Drone Technology | Wearable Technology | Digital Cameras | Security Systems |Tablets | GPS | ISPs | Smart Home Electronic Controls | Home Theaters | Smart phones | Sound Systems | Smart TVs | Electronic Components | Wireless Systems | Computers | Video Games | Cables | High Tech Tools | Test Equipment | Gizmos | Gadgets | High Tech Toys | and Much More


Everyone can make valuable connections with Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Legal Representatives, Varied Sales Channels, for a new and/or ongoing business.

Here are some success stories of Startups after participating in the Startups Showcase “Live Sharks Tank®” event. 
~Looksery: Sold to SnapChat for $150,000,000.00,
~Reality Shares raised $32,000,000.00,
~Bouxite, Inc: raised +$2,000,000.00 seed,
~Wedding Snap/Eversnap: raised $1,500,000.00,
~Oru Kyak: raise $500,000.00,
~CitiBiss: raised $500,000.00,
~UpOut: raised MM$ Angel round,
~Kuli Kuli: $350,000.00 in equity crowdfunding,
~Banter: raised $300,000.00 seed,
~Tycoon RE, raised $250,000.00 seed. Recently sold-MM exit,
~Bounty Hunter: raised $100,000.00 seed round,
~SmartPhoneRecords: raised $100,000.00 seed round,
~MyFlow: Raised $100,000 seed entered Chinese Accelerator,
~Ladada: sold to a PE firm,
~Leland Tea Company: entered into a MM$ W/label Agmnt,
~Bringsy: Raises Seed accepted into Plugandplaytechcenter,
~Plann: accepted into Mind the Bridge accelerator.


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