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As one of the most influential motivational speakers, Brandon L. Draper is a dynamic and highly sought­after resource for business and professional groups, small business owners, non­profit and community leaders from all sectors of society. For more than a decade, he has not only mastered the art of leadership and training others, he has also achieved it by leading thousands of successful soldiers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.


Brandon is a 9 year veteran speaker who motivates, inspires, and captivates his audiences on a small and large scale. Whether it is packed cathedrals or minute conference rooms across the United States, Canada, and Europe, Brandon is recognized for engaging his audience and encouraging them to achieve their own success. He is a stellar keynote speaker and professional development coach leading as many as 20,000 soldiers and future leaders of tomorrow.


Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Brandon grew up in North Charleston. As the son of Elizabeth “Liz” Draper, a single working mother, Brandon quickly learned what it was like to have responsibilities for himself and his surroundings. For the first two years of his high school study, Brandon attended Charleston County School of the Arts, where his concentration was Theatre Arts. He then went on to graduate from North Charleston High School in 2003. Upon graduation, Brandon attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, where his major was political science.


During his tenure at the college, he interned under Hon. Judge Herbert E. Phipps at the Georgia Court of Appeals. Brandon obtained a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice in 2011 from Fayetteville State University. He continued his graduate studies at Capella University, where he obtained a Masters of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He is also a doctoral candidate for business administration at Walden University.


Brandon joined the United States Army on September 22, 2001. He honorably served his country for 11 years, in which he was engaged in multiple combat operations in Afghanistan where he earned the Combat Action Badge, Airborne Paratrooper Badge, and a plethora of other commendations and awards. Brandon separated from the military in 2012 as a Lieutenant to pursue his dreams as a motivational speaker on a full­time basis.


Addressing audiences from adults to youth, entrepreneurs to business leaders, and sales teams to CEOs, Brandon is invited back again and again for his compelling message and the ability to connect with people from all areas and stages of life. Clients span practically every industry including healthcare, government, direct marketing, hundreds of associations, countless colleges and universities, and companies such as the United Way, Morehouse College, Medical University of South Carolina, the American Marketing Association, and many others. He has been featured in publications such as the Urban Grand Stand Magazine, Atlanta’s J­Dub Journal, and the Tony and Tel Show.


He is Best Selling author of the book, Becoming Who You Should Be, Despite Who You Are: The Thinking Forward Approach to Life and Circumstances which discusses how a person can become who they are destined to be in life, and have the successes that are already predetermined despite past decisions that may have detoured their course temporarily. This book identifies the struggles that one would encounter, hindering them from accomplishing goals, while outlining and providing the tools that are needed to get an individual back on track to their dreams with personal development and mindset development.


This book will be available late fall 2014 in Barnes & Noble and Amazon. As a member of the National Speakers Association, Toastmasters International, the Commerce Club Atlanta, and a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated, Brandon is highly respected by his colleagues as a renowned and encouraging speaker.


Brandon's personal experiences with the struggles of overcoming negativity during his grade school years, and how he pressed through tough obstacles, gives a personal touch to the motivation and inspiration for students to shine the greatness within them. Brandon's Thinking Smarter student seminars are adequately energetic and remarkably monumental instilling leadership abilities, confidence, and knowledge to create success through their own perseverance.


Brandon is committed to motivating, inspiring, and training the new and older generations to be leaders and achieve success as he introduces new audiences to innovative avenues of mastering their talents. Brandon Draper’s youth seminar series, “Be All You Can Be,” as well as his Thinking Smarter High School Initiative, is geared towards high schools students and other adolescent youth ranging in age from 6 years old to 102 years old, and remains his most critically acclaimed series and is frequently requested to help make an impact on the youth worldwide.

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