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Once upon a time, not so very long ago, luxury brands and status went hand in hand.

In the good old days, luxury brands weren't only indulgent and presumed to be of superior quality, they also conferred an image of exclusivity to the buyer. The brand was a club of sorts, and purchase was a fee; no membership application required. Wearing Gucci, driving a BMW or staying at the Four Seasons made a statement about good taste and financial success. Even more importantly, association with luxury brands marked their buyers as belonging to an exclusive circle, as "having arrived."


members-only access club

 takes exclusivity one step further.

It seeks to "'curate an entire lifestyle," with the lofty goal of "creating a new standard in luxury."


The new exclusivity doesn't seek to publicize status through visible marketing campaigns or trumpet the social standing of the wearer through a logo. Rather, word about them makes its way around the world as a well-spread secret.

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