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SSIX consortium

SSIX aims to provide European SME’s with a collection of easy to interpret tools to analyse and understand social media users attitudes for any given topic. These sentiment characteristics can be exploited to help SME’s operate more efficiently resulting in increased revenues. Social media data represents a combined measure of thoughts and views touching every area of life. SSIX will search and index conversations taking place on social network services, such as Twitter, StockTwits and Facebook including the most reliable and trustworthy news agencies, newspapers, blogs and industry publications. SSIX will classify and score content using a framework of qualitative and quantitative parameters called X-Scores, regardless of language, locale or data architecture. The X-Scores framework will interpret economically significant sentiment signals in social media conversations producing sentiment metrics, such as momentum, breadth, topic frequency, volatility and historical comparison. These metrics will create commercially viable social sentiment indexes, which can be tailored to any domain of interest. By enabling European SMEs to analyse and leverage social sentiment in their discipline, SSIX will facilitate the creation of innovative products and services by enhancing the investment decision making process, thus assisting in generating increased revenue while also minimising risk exposure.

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