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Sri Sri School of Yoga

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The Sri Sri School of Yoga is founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a global humanitarian and thought leader in yoga and meditation, who is fully established in the self.

The school seeks to expand the world s understanding of yoga through an education and training that are steeped in the vedas - the original roots of yoga - and a long lineage of masters while making it accessible and applicable for modern day use for people of all ages, abilities, cultures and religion.

Through a comprehensive and multi-dimensional science based education, the schools programs integrate the four paths of yoga - Ghyana (wisdom), Karma (Service & Action), Bhakti (Love & Devotion) and Hatha (Effort).

Program graduates undergo a rigorous training and are equipped with a deep and personal understanding and experience of yoga that enables them to bring the different dimensions of yoga to their students.

The simplicity of Sri Sri s approach to yoga combines the fundamental principles of self practice (sadhana), service (seva) and expansion of the self (satsang) - this unique approach empowers individuals to thrive and society to blossom in human values.

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