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FG# FashionGlamorii# FashionGladiators#


FG# is more than a brand it is a lifestyle. It is for anyone who has been told to take a seat and have chosen to stand up, to believe and to be heard. With a faith based in the Son of God and a heart aimed at being an example of Him FashionGlamorii# is daring to break the mold.


FashionGlamorii# ‘s  are not afraid to mix & match. We are willing to explore, experiment and try new things. We are the design portrait for all arenas. From every genre of life; fashion to real estate we possess the conceptual ability to create new facets.

FG#, a fashion and entertainment, accessories, make-up and more....

I Am A Princess (I.A.P) and Prince. KINGS in Training.  Is a youth initiative, created by FG#, designed to penetrate the powerful minds of today’s youth. We believe that investing in them at every stage of their development will yield substantial results. This program has been formed with the intention of showing youth, first hand, that they have a promising future and can be more than a statistic. 

We want to encourage the youth to develop a goal oriented mindset which encompasses short- term and long- term planning as well is entrepreneurism. We seek to empower them by providing to them applicable life skills and training in a safe environment and with positive reinforcement.

By offering them a means to express their selves openly and creatively we believe that we are assisting our youth in gaining their own identity and developing a winning mentality. Exposing them to different perspectives of success and accomplishment is vital to their being able to successfully adapt to various cultural ethics and environments.

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