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Spirit Filled Marriage

Spirit Filled Marriage is an initiative of the House of Lights

Spirit Filled Marriage (Formerly called 'Aquila and Priscilla') aims to prepare families to fully represent the fullness of Christ, (Christ + His Body = the Fullness of God) raise godly children, and become powerful hubs of kingdom activity and dominion as God originally intended for Adam and his family. God said, "be fruitful, multiply, have dominion, replenish the earth, subdue it" that was the mandate to a family!


SFM sessions focus on restoring order to the family systems based on Kingdom principles. As you Know the family is a very important mountain of influence in society, as we are all affected by it and the quality of the family life today with respect to the understanding and manifestation of its divine purpose represents what the society of tomorrow looks like.

It's interactive, interesting and reformative, it exposes the foundational principles on which the marriage institution was built, provides wisdom and challenges the men, women and children in the homes to develop to the extent that their family unit could become a certified kingdom embassy as Aquilas and Priscilas were.


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