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SPARK | Relationship & Sexual Wellness

SPARK Relationship & Sexual Wellness workshops are a relaxed and fun opportunity to learn about hot topics like attraction and flirtation, healthy communication styles, the power of gratitude, emotional intelligence, open relationships, gender differences, sexuality, and more. Open to all adults, SPARK workshops are ideal for singles as well as couples. Award-winning instructor Meghna Mahambrey studies, teaches, and conducts research on all things romance and sex. She has been instructing college courses for nearly a decade, presents original research at national and international conferences, has been featured in Psychology Today, and was a speaker at TEDxColumbus in 2019. With a Master's Degree in Education as well as a Master's Degree in Human Development and Family Science, Meghna recently completed her doctoral degree at The Ohio State University focusing on sexual satisfaction in marriage. Her mission with SPARK is to bridge the gap between research and real life, educating the community on matters close to their hearts (and hips).

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