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South Texas Alliance for Orphans

The Alliance exists to support, equip and encourage the church in fulfilling the Biblical orphan care mandate.  


Our mission fills the gap between the under-accessed church community and the overburdened local foster care system.  Children and families are in crisis in our community.  Our community’s youngest, most innocent victims, abused and neglected children, are engulfed in the foster care crisis. They have no voice, no vote, no money, no relationships to rely on, and often no hope.  

Unfortunately, our area lacks homes for over 1,000 of the children thus they are shuffled among shelters, sleep in DFPS offices or are moved out of their community.  

  • For churches, the Alliance helps make them aware of the crisis, minimizes the often paralyzing fear of an overwhelming state system that doesn't understand the church and equips them with a sustainable evidence-based ministry model that can be tailored specifically to the demographics, location, collective potential and unique burden of the church. 
  • For the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), which oversees the foster care system, the Alliance provides committed, supported local families that provide the stability, access to biological family, access to caseworker and services that they desire for the children in their legal custody.
  • For community partners serving along the foster continuum, we serve as a collaborative connecting mechanism where individuals needing their services or volunteers ready to serve in their organization can get connected.




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