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South Alabama Mental Wellness Conference Series

About the South Alabama Mental Wellness Coalition & Conference Series (SAMWC) -A South Alabama Trauma-Informed Community Network


Who We Are: The South Alabama Mental Wellness Coalition & Conference Series (SAMWC) Steering Committee formed in March 2016. is a coastal coalition of grassroots non-profit organizations, public agencies, as well as business owners, who are committed to work together to bring increased public awareness of the crisis in our mental health delivery system and provide continual educational programs about community mental wellness.

We realize the journey across the bridge to inspire change in perception vs. reality is not a new one, that people will continue to think something won’t happen to them, that they refuse to become more knowledgeable about mental illness, violence, trauma, depression, suicide, sexual assault, homelessness, substance abuse, domestic, workplace and child abuse, education and illiteracy, and economic sustainability—that they will continue to complain about what happens and not be held accountable for their own actions instead of becoming a responsible part of the solution.


Our Vision: To develop a model through storytelling that lays the foundation for ‘real talk’ dialogue among advocates creating systemic, integrated, innovative and preventive approaches supporting the critical mental wellness infrastructure needs of children and families in South Alabama—Baldwin and Mobile Counties/

Our Mission: To create opportunities for collaborative conversation among public safety, legal, healthcare, education, nonprofits, government, faith-based and community, members including citizens and businesses, to share their concerns and challenges through open, safe lines of communication, develop clear and concrete plans for resolution and commit to partnerships and collaborations that ensure a more efficient process to provide services for our families.

Achievement: Initial Formation of a Trauma-Informed Community Network (trauma-informed approach as one where people realize the prevalence of trauma, recognize the impact and responses to trauma, and resist practices that could cause more harm.)


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