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Sophie Mill fine contemporary artist and author

Sophie Mill tells her madly creative and spiritually uplifting life story with ‘The Woman in the Distance’ reflections of un-settled seasons NEWCASTLE, N.S.W. There comes a time in every woman’s life whereby she has a deep need to write her story. At 45 years of age, the timing was correct for me to put pen to paper and ink my own tale and, in the process, grow, learn, mature and understand her responsibility to myself – the responsibility to stand up and be fearless. With my book, “The Woman in the Distance,” I proclaim to the world that, “this is me and I am happy with the outcome!” This very witty read takes you on a wild ride of creative thoughts weaved in a narrative that is emotive, hilarious, tearful and heartbreaking. You join me, I am “The Woman in the Distance,” as I travel the world, from London to New York, Greece to Sydney, regaling in the adventures of a bubbly city girl who eventually settles down with my reclusive farmer husband in the Australian outback. This is no mere travelogue, but the confessions and struggles of a woman dealing with being bipolar, who has spent most of my life hiding who I really am in order to be accepted socially, emotionally and physically. It portrays a beautiful woman who hid herself away for years, painting and writing, before finally emerging to find life, light and my true self. This is my journey of self-discovery, also showing how I found true love and maintained a deep and fulfilling marriage with a man who prefers the silence of the land. It is a life he loves, but even then, I avoid the fairy tale “happily ever after” ending, for I am greeted by new challenges when I find this life isolating and lonely. The adventure, and the author’s search, thus continues, and through all this, I aim to leave my readers in awe, wondering what just happened to them after emerging from a breathtaking and refreshing experience. “The Woman in the Distance” is for readers who themselves feel that hard to define distance in their lives, the distance from society, the distance from the constant calls to be peaceful, calm, wealthy, perfect, politically correct, in order with one’s emotions, good looking, and a whole other host of demands that leave so many people cracking at the seams as they live life on the fast lane. It is profound in its ability to connect with those suffering in today’s society, for I captivate my readers’ daily lives and turns its arduousness into one creative story of brilliance, subtly uplifting even the heaviest of hearts.

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