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Sonya has been a teacher with LAUSD for more than 20 years. From the late 90's to present date, Sonya has taught hundreds of students, motivating and inspiring them to be their personal best. Early in her career, she embarked on a mission to earn her Masters degree in Education. What should have been a rewarding life experience turned heartbreaking. In the period of 18 months, Sonya became a newlywed, a divorcee, and a single mother. She also lost her beloved maternal grandmother, and her brother was attacked and beaten within an inch of his life. Many would have crumbled under so much pressure and grief, but Sonya chose to thrive! She became her own inspiration, unbenounced to her, she had inspired many others she didn't even know were watching her. Faced with the need to make more life changing decisions, Sonya lost more than 100 pounds, and has since become a part time plus model with the THIXOTIX Modeling Troupe. Her desire is to remain humble and share her inner light with others, and inspire by simply living the life that God has given her.

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