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Society of Promotion of Museology in the Baltics

The Promotional Society of Museology in the Baltics is an independent legal entity. The name of the Society in Latvian is „Baltijas Muzeoloģijas veicināšanas biedrība”, with the acronym BMVB, while the name in English is the „Promotional Society of Museology in the Baltics”, with the acronym PSMB.

Aims and Objectives of the PSMB: the aim of the Society is the promotion of museological thinking in the Baltic States. In order to achieve this aim, the Society has put forth the following objectives: to educate museum specialists and the broader community about museums, their activities and development; to integrate museological ideas into the professional environment of the Baltic States; to establish professional collaboration between specialists and enthusiasts in the Baltic States and other countries; to strengthen ties between society and museums.

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