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Social Media Club Los Angeles

Who is SMCLA?
SMCLA is a non-profit, volunteer-based club. Members of SMCLA include influencers throughout the Los Angeles community who range from tech, marketing, PR, entertainment, entrepreneurs, and media to name a few.   SMCLA panels typically draw 100-150 in-person attendees and when livestreamed, an additional 400+ who tune in via our video webcast.  Our panels have already covered the movie and music industries, branding in Social Media, search engine marketing and more.

What is SMCLA?
The Social Media Club of Los Angeles focuses on the unique mix of entertainment, technology and culture that makes Los Angeles an epicenter of the next evolution of the Internet.  Founded in July 2008, SMCLA hosts monthly panels on topical and relevant Social Media issues.

Where Do We Connect?
We maintain an active newsletter and blog on our website located at that has over 1000 opted-in followers (combining Facebook, e-mail newsletter, Twitter followers and LinkedIn group members).  Our affiliation with the National Social Media Club chapter allows us an even wider platform to broadcast our events, articles and ideas via the website at  The National chapter’s reach extends to tens of thousands of opted-in participants and is rapidly growing, adding 2-3 local chapters each month.


Social Media is an increasingly important and relevant topic in everyone’s lives.  We’ve seen an immediate impact in social, political, business and personal lives as a direct result of social media.  Having a platform to discuss these changes gives the Los Angeles community a chance to fully understand and appreciate how our lives are all changing due to these new mediums.  Taking a step back and assessing what to do about it is an important part in furthering the platform.

How Do We Do It?
Our bi-monthly panels are our most important platform for gathering and discussing issues in Social Media.  We use our website to prepare for the panels and to re-cap what was discussed.  In addition to these two key areas of communication and gathering, we use many of the social media platforms as beacons for our message and to gather people into our community.

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