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So Fly Entertainment | Tailor Made Group

So Fly Entertainment and Tailor Made Group are event promotion, hosting and coordination companies that were founded in New York City. Our goal is simple if the customer is satisfied our events have a better vibe and in return our customers keep coming back to our events! In fact our brand is so solid we've been doing this promotion thing mainly in Manhattan and have outlived most of the clubs and promotion companies honestly. We cater to all budgets, wants, needs, music tastes, locations, crowds, etc. If we can't get it done for you, we will get you in contact with the person that can PERIOD.


Our 1 Rule is that ALL OF OUR GUESTS COME EXCEEDING DRESS CODE STANDARDS. WHY? We've learned that the better you dress the better you feel. Ultimately it means you will enjoy yourself more, take more pictures, have more lasting memories, and want to come back in the future. Also we like to maintain a specific class of our own. Understood?


 Let us promote, host or coordinate your next event! Weekend getaway, birthday party, anniversary, holiday party, album release event... We have experience doing it all! Our network of venue owners and managers gives us access to multiple places in various cities. Giving us the ability to give you multiple options that are good for you... Email us and ask us for more information 


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