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Snackin' Tours is a small and locally owned business based in Manhattan, New York with a passion for food and travel. We strive to offer our customers a different perspective on the common food tour by introducing unique experiences, while seeing the city with fresh eyes.

So why choose us over our competitors? Sure, they have been around since the 90's and have a great reputation but New York has

 changed and they haven't. Food tours around Little Italy and China Town are no longer special, areas such as these have lost their authenticity and are fast becoming tourist traps.

The great thing about Snackin' Tours is that by accepting a maximum of 8 people on our tours, we can ensure people interact with each other, the tour guide and the city itself.

When you think of classic attractions in NYC, you probably think of the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty or Broadway. However, NYC is constantly evolving and is now offering locals and tourists even more. So what is NYC really about? It is about the culture, art, history and last but not least- the food. 

See the true side of New York City with one of our many tours that range from sweet and sugary to lean and healthy. For a taste of NYC nightlife try our Pub Crawl, guaranteed to be a night to remember.

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