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Smith and Wellness

Bek Smith is a bio-electrician and co-founder of Smith & Wellness. Trained as a physiotherapist and fitness instructor, Bek has a background in psychology and research science which she applies daily in her current work. She believes that the nervous system is the foundation of our health and wellbeing, often overlooked because of its complexity, and needs to be better understood in order for us to flourish in our lives.


While still practicing as a clinician, Bek also provides education and training to the public and other health professionals looking to grow and develop. Her courses and workshops focus on the inter-connectivity of the human mind and body, as explained through the transmission of energy through the nervous system. 


Whether you have a craving for personal development, are looking to learn more about the connection between science and spirituality, or are seeking greater understanding about health and wellbeing, Bek is a wealth of knowledge to call upon.

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