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Small Victories Foundation

Because traumatic brain injury sets in motion a lifetime of recovery and adaptation, the Small Victories Foundation exists to help the brain-injured advance their emotional and physical healing by providing them with opportunities to learn artistic expression.

Research demonstrates that learning and appreciating music and varieties of art helps form new pathways in the brain.  These new pathways have effects far beyond the task at hand, and have positive impact on our lives in whole.

Our passion is tied to the idea that after the ICU, after the inpatient rehab, after the day care and outpatient therapy, and after the insurance companies have stopped funding recovery, there is still work to do.  Regardless of whether the brain-injured person has been taught to perform a new (and likely lesser) job, he or she still has an innate human need to feed the soul with beauty and the satisfaction of personal creation.

We provide these scholarships and professional instruction for our brain-injured clients to learn to play instruments, write, dance, sculpt, paint, weave, form, build–create works that they, their families, and their communities can appreciate.

We believe that the act of creation uplifts the soul, and facilitates a peaceful mind, and we are moved to encourage this sharing.

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