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Small Giants Community

About Us

The Small Giants Community is made up of small business leaders all over the world who define success by more than just their financial bottom lines, but also by their contributions to their communities, a dedication to great customer service and the creation and preservation of workplaces cultures of excellence.

Where it Started

In his book Small Giants: Companies That Choose to be Great Instead of Big, (Paragon 2006) Bo Burlingham observed a set of six common characteristics in the unique and inspiring companies he was examining. He dubbed the combination of these characteristics to be “business mojo.” The Small Giants Community serves to make these characteristics more common in how small business owners run their businesses.

The Six Characteristics of Small Giants Companies

  • Leaders know who they are, what they want out of business, and why
  • Deeply rooted in the communities in which they do business
  • Maintains close, personal ties with customers, suppliers, and each other
  • Encourages a friendly and collaborative culture, based on caring for people in the totality of their lives
  • Leaders have a burning passion for what the company does
  • Has a sound business model, a healthy balance sheet, and protects its gross margin.

The Community

Founded in 2009, The Small Giants Community is a global membership organization focused on the promotion, implementation and advancement of “business mojo” as a primary philosophy for running a successful small business. We’re working to enable leaders to have a greater impact not just on the financial success of their companies, but also a more fulfilling impact on their employees and communities.

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