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Sky Valencia, Founder St. Martin's Animal Foundation

St. Martin's Animal Foundation aka SMAF is a well respected non profit dog and cats rescue that also creates  innovative humane and vegan out-reach programs. In 2000 SMAF was hired by the city of Los Angeles to educate families in the inner city about proper pet care, to stop illegal dog fighting and to help end backyard breeding
Since then the out-reach programs have evolved. Now St. Martin's Animal Foundation educates students through art, music, hands on animal care, adoptions and vegan cooking classes, creating environmental activists of the future.

In 2002 SMAF began rescuing badly abused dogs and cats that needed rehab and tender loving care, and so the St. Martin's Animal Sanctuary was born. For over 11 years the sanctuary was based in the Antelope Valley which made it very hard to find adopters and volunteers,plus the wildfires were very dangerous. This year Sky Valencia (the founder of SMAF) decided to move the Sanctuary and learning center to Malibu California, where many of their animal adoption sites, friends and volunteers are located.

To make this a successful transition, the St. Martin's team is throwing an amazing fundraiser at Casa Escobar on Friday Dec 9th at 8pm to raise donations for the new facility and to pay tribute to some wonderful dogs who survived the worst abuse imaginable. Dogs like Yuli rescued from the brutal dog meat trade and Gracie who's owner went to jail due to purposely starving dogs to death. These loving dogs will be honored by receiving the 1st annual Kashi award in memory of Kashi who was truly adored by her family.

Enjoy vegan Mexican food, live music and a live auction, plus meet other wonderful animal loving people too! We hope you will support St. Martin's Animal Foundation's new Eco-Sanctaury and learning center, by purchasing a ticket through event brite. Remember to dress warm and to be ready to have a fantastic time. (Please no fur coats)

With your help, St.Martin's Animal Foundation will be able to create a new eco-friendly, life saving facility that everyone in Malibu can truly enjoy. Buy your tickets today.. limited space available.

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