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Sister Friend, LLC.

What is Sister Friend, LLC?


Sister Friend is an organization that was started when words fell short in showing appreciation to phenomenal women. It has grown into a network of beautiful women designed to appreciate the bonds built amongst women of various backgrounds, life experiences and the like. We gather to "Celebrate Friendship, Embrace Sisterhood, Promote Unity, Empower Each Other, and Inspire Love amongt Women."

The My Sister, My Friend Appreciation Brunch is an opportunity to fellowship, embrace differences, build relationships, and empower each other to be stewardess of their thoughts and actions. There is power in your words and thoughts.  The smile that you give someone may be what SHE needs to get through the day.


Message from the Organizer:


After experiencing a brief hospitalization that changed my life, I took a look at myself, my life and all of the people in it.   I looked at the circle of women that I surrounded myself with.  To me, each of them were phenomenal in their own right. They were beautiful, inside and out.  Whether it was a new friend or someone that I’ve known for years, I wanted to appreciate each of them.   


Sometimes, friendship is not measured by the number of years that you have been friends, but simply by the beauty and genuineness of it all.  Many times, we wait until it's too late to appreciate those we love. So instead of giving them their roses when they’re dead and gone....I want my friends to smell and bask in the essence and beauty of the roses now!  


I wanted this group of dynamic women to be able to cultivate a spirit of love for ALL WOMEN.  I wanted to inspire them to spread love to other women, regardless of their nationality, spirituality, sexuality, or socioeconomic status.


As Women, we need to be conscious of our thoughts and projections. 


Sometimes we meet people, and may form opinions of them before we’ve had an opportunity to really get to know them.  Some women’s reputation may precede them.  However, everyone has a story ~ “HERstory.” You never know what someone is experiencing or has been through in life.  Before we are quick to judge or condemn the next woman, stop and think.  The woman that someone may deem as unfavorable due to her sexual history may be that same woman whose father used to crawl into bed with her.  Therefore, she associates sex with love; or her own self-worth is so diminished that she only feels value by being promiscuous.


We have to be quick to love and slow to judge.  I believe that if all Women can unite and share love and respect for each other; this same love and respect could be passed on to our children.  Women are the Nurturers.


At last year’s brunch, there was so much love in the room, it was overwhelming!!!  Please join me to celebrate You, Your beauty, Your uniqueness, Your spirit and how it ALL connects you with other Women.  I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and open up your heart to spread love.


Your Sister Friend,

Yashica Paris




“So honored and blessed to be a part of such an epic event ---Women Empowering Women.”  - Tia Elam 12/6/14


“Yashica Paris, thank you for blessing us today. Your event was beautiful just like you! Thank you for reminding us that there is a story tied to every woman, and to be more loving, kind, and supportive. God is not done with you yet. I'm still so full of different emotions. Thank for including me. I was supposed to be there because I left changed and blessed by the beautiful women in that room. There was so much love and positivity! It convicted me to do better. Thank you again Yashica” - Chaneta Forts 12/7/14


“Yashica Paris I just wanted to thank you again for the invite today. I had such a wonderful time... I cried, I laughed and of course enjoyed a delicious meal.  It was such a pleasure to meet so many beautiful inspiring women each and every one of them touched my heart in one way or another. .. You are an amazing woman and I'm glad we are friends.” - Ericka Mitchell 12/7/14


“Yashica Paris, you are a lovely, gifted, giving and amazing angel! Thank you for a phenomenal day!! My Sister, My Friend was truly a SUCCESS! I can't believe I met you in Syracuse when you were a teenager! Fast forward almost twenty years and you still have a heart of gold!  I am so proud of you and your event. You have numerous success stories..... Giving so much of yourself to everyone and taking nothing. GOD will continue to bless you! Thank you for connecting an outstanding group of inspiring and beautiful women. Everyone had a story that was transparent and powerful! I am happy that I could attend. Thanks a million for the new connections! GOD was truly in the place!!” - Linda Lyons Hatcher 12/7/14


“I am still beaming after all the fantastic fellowship that was had on yesterday…What an amazing experience and an awesome group of Women…May it be the first of many gatherings to come!  Thanks again for inviting me, Yashica Paris” – Alisha McGlawn 12/7/15


“Thank you Yashica! I love you! The magic of FB brought us together and we chose to cultivate a wonderful sisterhood! I appreciate you, your gracious hospitality, and words of encouragement for everyone today. You are one phenomenal lady!” - Monica Polo 12/6/14


“I'd like to take this time and give a huge Thank You to Yashica Paris for putting together a very classy, inspirational and empowering event. I was honored to be surrounded by so many beautiful and loving women. I wish you all nothing but Gods best.” ‪– Felicia Williams 12/6/14


 “Yashica Paris took the time to personally give a rose to every woman who attended her brunch. As she handed us the rose she spoke awesome words of inspiration and affirmations over us. God used you in a mighty way and I'm honored to be a recipient of one of those roses.” – Tamiko Lowry – Pugh 12/8/14


“Such an amazing women empowerment luncheon that my beautiful friend hosted today.  Feeling very blessed to have been a part of it. Yashica Paris thank you for all that you do and all that you are.” Taryn Steen 12/6/14


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