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The twisted divergent

Sirakh took the metal scene of Oulu by storm ever since they emerged from the shadows in 2013. Defying their hometown’s dress code of Extreme Metal, Sirakh first started out as an Industrial Rock band, but their style has since evolved into a haunting mix of Gothic Rock, Heavy Metal, Synthwave and Pop they call Dark Alternative.

...In light of the Master...

The Dark Knights of Beelzebub mainly operate from the shadows. Sirakh’s ominous sound, charming humor and provocative image make the band give off an aura of mystery that few other groups have in this day and age. This effect is amplified by four very different personalities: The more introspective side to the group being delivered by the deadpan Dimitry Bonefield and further amplified by the towering presence of Julius Seizure. Nikki Angelus is the closest thing to a traditional “rock star personality” while the kind and humble demeanor of Niko Kaakinen gives the group it’s heart.

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