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Sinomedia International Group


Sinomedia is a global media enterprise setting the standard for Chinese news, entertainment, and networking opportunities within English-speaking communities. We deliver the latest, most succinct, and culturally accurate information on China over a variety of platforms and digital spaces.


Our Services:

Web on China

Web on China is an interactive and engaging community site for users who share an interest in China’s culture, history, and current events. We connect members to an array of information, promotions, and services to further their understanding of this unique country.

China Books

Over the last 25 years, China Books has delivered insight on Chinese arts, society, language learning, and culture, and has filled local storefronts and homes with the most up-to-date Chinese books and journals.

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Long River Press

Long River Press has worked to create a deeper understanding of Chinese history, society, and culture. By promoting material that speaks to general interest, arts, and academic audiences alike, Long River Press has maintained open, friendly dialogue between East and West, cross-cultural ties.

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Outside its publishing endeavors, Sinomedia continues to shape international communication by connecting its audience through

Business Training Program

Language Education




For more information on training resources, publishing, and distribution feel free to contact us.


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