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Sinn Bodhi

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FREAKSHOW WRESTLING 'We take fun very seriously!'
'If you like wrestling then you will like Freakshow Wrestling... If you HATE wrestling then you will LOVE Freakshow Wrestling!'

Freakshow Wrestling is the next step in sports entertainment and comedy variety! We feature an extraordinary combination of world renowned pro wrestlers, magicians, circus, burlesque, sideshow, comedians and musical acts! Best of the best as seen on: WWE World Wrestling Entertainment, America's Got Talent, Guinness World Records, Cirque De Soleil, Jim Rose Circus, and more! Freakshow Wrestling picks up where reality leaves off... When fans think that they have seen it all... They haven't seen anything yet!

Freakshow Wrestling was created Sinn Bodhi, former WWE pro wrestler (Kizarny), strong man for the Jim Rose Circus and Guinness World Record holder. Sinn has performed at the top companies in his field and was trained by wrestling legends Jake 'The Snake' Roberst, 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes and former head trainer of the WWE, Dr. Tom Prichard (The guy that trained the ROCK!). Sinn could not have been trained by anyone better.

'Sinn Bodhi is ahead of his time,' Jake 'The Snake' Roberts

Freakshow Wrestling is full of characters that are larger than life and displayed in a way that they have never been seen before by their vast collective fan base. We are creating a whole new world without limits for the modern fan to boldly go where no freak has gone before!

Witness a smorgasbord of variety and craziness on stage and in a pro wrestling ring like never before which will leave the hippest of hipsters laughing hysterically! Invisible Steel Cage Match! Cheesecake On A Pole Match! Burlesque Pillow Fight! Michael Jackson Knife Fight! Mime On Mime Violence! Human Cock Fight! Octopus Battle Royal! Championship Comedy Carnival Death Match!

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